Kathy Neubecker

Kathy Neubecker started off in the mid-west and was always the goofy kid doing anything for a laugh. In the mid-80s, when she reached her 20s, she thought she would try her hand at standup. Hearing the laughter she was creating made her very happy, but bills made her focus on her career.

During the early 90s, Kathy attended Diablo Valley College to study drama where she felt she had some definite range with character acting. Her schedule became increasingly busy, even more so when she became a mother. She spent much of her time, energy and focus on being a mother. One day in 2009, she saw a posting for improv!

Kathy thought this would be an excellent way to expand on both the areas of comedy and drama. “What a fit,” she thought! Kathy found her home and she loves performing with all her gifted troupe members.

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2/11/10, 10:44 am
You were really funny! I had a great time!
5/31/11, 9:29 am
Amazing show I truly enjoyed. I would compare this wonderful local talent to that of the professionals I've seen on TV. I look forward to more wonderf...
11/24/09, 3:21 pm
Having recently attended an Improv Comedy Show, I would like to say that it was very entertaining. This type of comedy is different because there is ...
12/13/09, 4:10 pm
Trapped in a Rumor is a fun evening of improv and entertainment! The group members are hilarious and play well together. I really enjoyed both the l...
Jose Fuentes
6/21/13, 7:41 pm
One of the greatest improv shows I've ever seen, and I've seen many improv shows in my 43 years of life.
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