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2/11/10, 10:44 am
You were really funny! I had a great time!
12/17/09, 5:30 pm
I enjoyed watching Trapped in a Rumor. To pull improve like this off, the performers must be creative and quick witted. Occasionally, just as I was starting to believe one or more of the actors was stumped from another's actions, an actor would follow through and not only make the scene work brilliantly, but also seamlessly, mostly funny, and alas, raising the bar.
12/13/09, 4:10 pm
Trapped in a Rumor is a fun evening of improv and entertainment! The group members are hilarious and play well together. I really enjoyed both the long and short form improv and liked watching the group members think quickly on their feet.
11/24/09, 3:21 pm
Having recently attended an Improv Comedy Show, I would like to say that it was very entertaining. This type of comedy is different because there is constant interaction between the performers. A topic is created and the performers adapt to the situation at hand. They have to interact with each other spontaneously and still deliver lines that will make the audience laugh and keep their attention. Also having a diverse cast brings the added experience of the players.
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